Peintures sur verre synthétique

Nouvelle collection d’œuvres.

Support verre synthétique.

Leur épaisseur varie de 4 à 8 mm.

Différents formats sont possible, notamment rectangle.

Les œuvres sont encadrées, épaisseur de bordure : 2 cm, profondeur : 4 cm permettant l’installation d’un ruban LED.

Mes sujets sont : l’eau et le cosmos.

Le travail se décline recto et verso.

Je peins souvent sur les deux faces, ce travail me permet de renforcer la perspective, la profondeur et la lumière de chaque couleur.

Je combine plusieurs techniques et textures : superposition de films liquides, jetés de gouttes, lignes marquées au couteaux, vigoureux coups de brosse......... , 

Energie du mouvement, mouvances des tâches.

Les précédentes collections ont été installées au sein de l'Hôtel de Région à Bordeaux, également en extérieur à Andernos, Arcachon, Sarlat, Villandraut.

 New collection of works.

Synthetic glass support.

Their thickness varies from 4 to 8 mm.

Various formats are possible, including rectangle.

The works are framed, border thickness: 2 cm, depth: 4 cm allowing the installation of an LED ribbon.

My subjects are: water and the cosmos.

The work is available on both sides.

I often paint on both sides, this work allows me to reinforce the perspective, depth and light of each color.

I combine several techniques and textures: superimposition of liquid films, droplets thrown, lines marked with knives, vigorous brushstrokes................................................., 

Energy of movement, movement of tasks.

The previous collections have been installed in the Hôtel de Région in Bordeaux, also outside in Andernos, Arcachon, Sarlat, Villandraut.


Installation Agora galerie, Chelsea, New York en juin juillet 2015



Extract from text published by Agora Gallery New York in catalogue exhibition Spatial Articulation :

"The subjects of GEDDA’s paintings are water and the cosmos, and those two worlds meet in images that ground and open airiness with fluidity and a dynamic sense of movement. Working in what she calls "the tradition of lyrical abstraction", the artist animates her compositions by enhancing the depth and light of each color she uses, making her images glow from within. She also combines painting techniques and textures to strong effect, mixing fields of color and drips of paint with sharply etched lines and rough, energetic brush strokes. These elements come together in works that balance freedom and openness with a tightly organized sense of formal balance...